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  1. J. Thiele*: „The challenge of cytocompatibility in high-resolution additive manufacturing“, in preparation.
  2. Y. Li*, Y. Du, B. Zhao, H. P. Patel, R. Boldt, Y. Dong, G. Auernhammer, A. Fery, J. Thiele*: „Titanium dioxide nanoparticles embedded in dipeptide hydrogels using microfluidics for photodegradation“, in preparation.
  3. A. Kaufmann, C. Graf, S. Manoilenko, M. Milic, L. Schäfer, M. Männel, N. Hauck, T. Heida, D. Hahn, M. Dippe, J. Thiele*: „Microbioreactors for polyketide synthesis based on enzyme-functionalized microgel cascades“, in preparation.
  4. A. Kaufmann*, M. Vigogne, T. A. Neuendorf, H. López-Menéndez, G. Rivas Caballero, J. Thiele: „Studying SBScons-SlmA interaction involved in bacterial cell division using polymer microgels as nucleoid mimics“, in preparation.


  1. M. M. Ghelardini, M. Geisler, N. Weigel, J. P. Hankwitz, N. Hauck, J. Schubert, A. Fery, J. B. Tracy*, J. Thiele*: „3D-Printed Hydrogels as Photothermal Actuators“, submitted.
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  3. N. Weigel, Y. Li, J. Thiele*, A. Fery: „From microfluidics to hierarchical hydrogel materials“, COCIS 2023, revised.


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  4. E. Stengelin, J. Thiele, S. Seiffert*: „Multiparametric material functionality of microtissue-based in-vitro models as alternatives to animal testing“, Adv. Sci. 2022, 9(10), 2105319. DOI: 10.1002/advs.202105319.


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  5. Y. Li*, M. J. Männel, N. Hauck, H. P. Patel, G. K. Auernhammer, S. Chae, A. Fery, J. Li*, J. Thiele*: „Embedment of quantum dots and biomolecules in an in-situ formed dipeptide hydrogel using microfluidics“, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60(12), 6724. DOI: 10.1002/ange.202015340.
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