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New homepage for communication and outreach under construction

01.03.23: We are glad that the ERC project will be supported by Nikolai Liubimtsev, who has joined as a postdoc 🙂

His goal will be to implement the concept of assembly and disassembly on demand in hierarchical hydrogel assemblies, and with that address a driving demand in recycling multi-material composites.

Nikolai, good luck and have a successful time in the AG Thiele!

14.02.22: Our manuscript discussing first steps towards tailored supragels has been published in MDPI Gels (IF: 4.702) 🙂 Congratulations to Talika, Niclas, and Michelle!!! The open-access paper is available here. Thanks a lot to Martin Schumann (TU Dresden) for designing the TOC (cf. below).

10.11.21: We are glad to have a new PhD student aboard 3DPartForm: Michelle Vigogne joined the ThieleLab after successfully defending her master thesis in October! Warm welcome and all the best for your PhD despite the pandemic situation, Michelle 🙂

22.11.20: Despite the challenges of the Corona pandemic, we have been able to start our project in time, and I am glad – once again – to welcome Talika Alina Neuendorf and Dr. Elif Baysak as new colleagues in the ERC project „3DPartForm“. Good luck 🙂

17.02.20: Still 6 weeks to go before „3DPartForm“ starts – time to plan layout and content of a new ERC homepage to communicate results, provide OA publications, and share latest news on the development of next-generation additive manufacturing of polymer multimaterials.

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