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Student assistant positions („SHK“) available (40 hrs per month)!

30.09.19: The ThieleLab is looking for students (organic/macromolecular chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, engineering) to support two projects on conpartmentalized cell-free protein synthesis (Position 1) and micron-scale 3D-printing of elastic and sticky materials (Position 2). In detail:

Position 1 (contact: kaufmann „at“

Synthesis of functionalized polysaccharide hydrogel precursors, silanization of glass microcope slides, formation of hydrogel pads, diffusion studies using FITC-dextran and ribosomes, investigation of hydrogel pad stability, cell-free protein synthesis in hydrogel pads

Position 2 (contact: weigel „at“

Screening of photopolymer formulations regarding composition/minimal printable feature size/stickiness, adhesion measurements, design optimization in CAD


New round of master/PhD/postdoc positions to be posted soon!

20.09.19: Check Twitter and news section.



In the meantime, get in touch with us to discuss funding options:


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