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20.11.19: We are hiring 🙂

The ThieleLab offers PhD and postdoc positions funded by prestigious grants from the Volkswagen Foundation and European Research Council (ERC) (cf. below).

Regarding our candidate selection process, I’d like to share the view of a colleague and friend of mine: „We do not seek the best candidate. We seek the best fitting candidate. Hence, rather than telling us how brilliant you are and how great your achievements are, tell us where exactly you and your expertise would fit and synergize with that of our group. In other words: tell us why you are the right one for our group. But on top of that—and much more important in fact—do also tell us why our group is the right one for you.“

Volkswagen Change of Course_PHD POSITION_ThieleLab

More information on this PhD position…



More information on this postdoc position…



More information on this PhD position…


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