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170706_LRC LOGOWe are part of the Leibniz Research Cluster (LRC), an interdisciplinary network of five research groups. As part of the strategy “Biotechnology 2020+” of the BMBF, we aim at developing novel multifunctional, cell-free platforms for biotechnological processes combining natural sciences and engineering with clear applications in drug development beyond model systems.




Our expertise includes:


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Our research is funded by:

BMBF: LRC – Leibniz Research Cluster (2015-2020)

BMBF: 3Dfor3M (German-American network on additive manufacturing) (2018-2019)

DFG: Gene expression in hydrogels (2016-2019)

BMBF: Precision Matrix Engineering (PI Prof. Carsten Werner, IPF Dresden) (2016-2017)

BMBF: Dresden4Asia (German-Asian network on additive manufacturing) (2017)

Leibniz Association: Tailored adapter peptides for enzyme immobilization (2018-2019)

Leibniz Association: Abiological catalysis by heme-carrying DNAzymes in DNA-polymer microgels (polyDNAcat) (2017-2018)

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